Friday, April 26, 2013

Expanded and Updated: Freebies for expecting and new parents in Germany

This was by far the most popular blog post on Ich liess mein Herz in Deutschland with thousands of hits, so I figured an update and expansion would be well recieved. So here you go freebies for expecting and new parents in Germany.  If you know of any other baby bonus or freebie programs please email me or leave a comment.




Now before you get all grateful I have to admit this was put together by a friend of mine and is reposed with her permissions. So I will pass any gratitude her way.

Please note some places allow you to sign up while pregnant others must be done after your baby arrives :)

First up here are the baby clubs that offer a welcome packet full of freebies and coupons:

Real: A welcome box of goodies including a toy and socks as well as a coupon book as well as yearly birthday gifts

DM: A welcome packet that includes toy some sample sized toiletries and a book of coupons valued at over 200 euro. Cannot register until after the babies birth.

DM is now a days constantly revamping their welcome packages. It appers to vary per location but includes full size freebies for mom and baby as well as a coupon book.

Rossmann: A welcome packet that includes a toy, sample sized toiletries and a book of coupons valued at over 300 euro. In addition to age appropriate advice and tips, year 1 and 2 birthday gifts, regular coupon offers by post and a magazine subscription for parents.
They do allow registration while pregnant.

Check out my pregnancy welcome kit here.

Globus: Not sure of the contents never signed up for this one

Mueller: A 5 euro voucher  and a coupon book as well as some small trinkets

You can also sign up at many of the major baby companies in order to receive a variety of samples and coupons.

Pampers: A free personalized T shirt for baby, free diapers, and 50 euros on coupons, as well as coupons sent out on a regular basis and a subscription to pampers village magazine

Hipp: A welcome packet with free baby food and various samples, a 20 euro gift certificate to start a baby savings account, over 100 euro in coupons, a membership card that gives you discounts in many family activities, exclusive contests to enter, a 50 euro HP gift card, and a personalized name sticker for your car

I got a pregnancy kit from them as well, check it out here

Alete/Nestle: A welcome packet with a variety of samples as well as over 30 euro in coupons

Milupa: Food samples and coupons

Bebivita: Food samples and coupons

Also when you sign up with the hebamme for the geburtsvorbereitung course you are often given a gift set., Many hospitals offer a baby packet but some do not. Some have cray cool ones others just give you some samples and call it a day.

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