Friday, April 26, 2013

Getting ready for the sun

The weather has finally started to take a turn to the warm side woohoo. This year one thing I want to change is to spend less time indoors and spend more time outside with my boys. One thing I miss terribly from our last place is having a garden and while we have multiple balconies those on the actual floor we live in are itsy bitsy and not of much use when it comes to enjoying the outdoors.

We have a big terrace area outside and a nice little feced off area with a gate but the lady down on the first floor is bogarting the key to enter the litle enclosed area. She claims if its open kids torment her and rap on her windows. Now personally I think a 2 foot fence is not doing much to prevent rambuncious teens from rapping her windows and I am happy to lock the gate but I have the sneaking suspision she wont give up that key. So I am going to create a play corner in the main terrace, if they bitch well then I have levearage to demand the key to the side garden area. I will of course take our summer toys indoors come cold weather no permanent play fixtures so no room to complain.

Anywho so I am going to set up a sand pit. Going to get one of these.

I do not plan to use the other side for water but rather a cover since many people have outdoor cats and no one wants to find buried trasures in the sandbox. At least I sure as hell dont. And sure do not want my kids to.

I am also on the look out for a little plastic slide. I found one used nearby for 10 euro. Its snbleached but that doesnt hurt anything.

Something like this:

Then just need a outdoor chair for me to sit and watch the kids.

I would love to get a plastic playhouse but they cost hundreds here and used still go for 100 euro around here maybe next year I will find a reasonable used one for the boys. 

How bad ass is this, but 350 euro, hahahaha nooooooo

And of course we have our bobby car, dreirad and laufwagon for outside just need to get a helmet for Pooh.

Our big patio is in the loft. And its lovely just unfortionate that its fully disconected from our apartment. I would kill to have a nive big patio off of our living room how lovely that would be.

But I would like to start eating some meals up there and I would like to set up some play stations for the boys. We already have an old table up there and chairs to eat at. I would love to get a little water/sand play table for up there I am keeping my eyes open for a used one.

Doesn't that look fun:

But I also wanted to create a planting/dirt play station. Like a container full of dirt with shovels and some plastic plants that they can plant and dig up maybe some plastic bugs to bury.

and I would love to get one of these for the boys up there:

would be great to eat at as well as a fun place to do crafts or activities

On my own I would love to venture into planter gerdening grow some user friendly produce and add some flowers to our patios as well as add some plants indoors. I think some hanging greenery would loook lovels from the vaulted wooden cielings. I normally have a black thumb of death when it comes to plants but I have managed to keep my daisies alive a few months so I would love to venture a bit more into plants they make me happy.

Did I mention I am trapped. Both kids are napping. Went down without a fuss thank god. But little one decided he cannot sleep without a nipple in his mouth. When I dare to try and escape he lets it known. Oh and guess what he started babbling today. MAMAMAMAMA BABABABABA DADADADADA so sweet I will have to make a video. We sent back the busted camera so hopefully another one will come next week.

I am rather thrilled for the weekend. It came as a suprise to me as I woke up convinced it was Thursday as T stared at me like I had 5 heads when I insisted he must be confused about the days of the week lol. SOme times the days all blend together. No big plans for the weekend. I think we will take the kids to play in the sand pits at the park and maybe go for a walk in  the woods. Not much to do a few days before payday ends of the month always suck.

Oh I got a brand new 100 piece puzzle from a lovely lady in my gifting group and as soon as T saw it he said why dont we do that this weekend. I have long been saying we need to get out of our media rut and find activities to do together so I was so delighted he wanted to puzzle with me. I think some movies are in order as well. Man netflix has sure expanded their streaming selections so much to choose from these days I love it especially the documentaries. Hmm maybe I will go find something now to watch since I am trapped anywho.

Well I wish everyone a happy Friday. :)


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