Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Typical Tuesday

Pretty quite at the moment. Both kids are asleep and I have a pot of bad ass mac and cheese on the stove. I like to beef up my boxed meals lol. I learned the trick when I wanted to make them go further since my American foods are not sold here, its like boxed gold, no wasting two boxes on one meal lol. So I fried up a pound og ground beef added a can of chili diced tomatoes and some mac and cheese. I hope it tastes good first time with this combo. I like to have lunch ready when Pooh wakes up or else he gets rather pissy and stands in front of the fridge screaming want some while I prepare lunch so I try to be proactive and avoid a meltdown.

Yesterday we had a long day out at the park with our play group so today is just a quiet day at home. I do not get many on the go pictures since my small camera broke and carying around a canon is not very practical while chasing a toddler. We ordered a new camera from Otto t it arrived broken so we had to send it back for a replacement I hope we get a new one soon and then I can start taking pictures more.

Today was fun we got 3 packages. I am active in a gifting group with some other german women. YOu put up and album to give away and can pic from other peoples albums. We got 3 boxes of goodies.

Pooh loves getting mail. Poor kid the other day he brought me a box of diapers and a plastic knife. He was rather dissapointed at the lack of treasure inside. Check out the radtastic sunglasses we have been working on our dress up bin.

Tonight should be pretty laid back. T will be watching champions leauge so I will likely dive into a book or something on netflix not so into the whole fußball thing myself. 

Well I hear the sound of little feet pitter pattering, better go get that bad ass mac and cheese ready to roll. 


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