Thursday, May 9, 2013

Meal plan May 9-17th

Here is our meal plan for the rest of the week and next week. We did take the purge to vegetarianism. DH still has meat dishes to choose from at work and we do still have meat options for lunch for the boys.

We do hot meals once a day.

Grilled cheese with baked beans

Cheese Frittata with roasted asparagus

Pasta with salad and baugette

Spicy mango tofu with coconut sauce and brown rice

Hummus wraps with roasted spring vegetables

Mango and black bean quiona salad

Chick pea coconut curry with brown rice

Veggie helper

Omlettes and spinach

For dinners we do abend brot with veggiecold cuts, cheese, veggies and various spreads. I usually serve salads with dinner.

Breakfast we do oatmeal, cold cereal, yogurt ect. On Saturdays we eat hot and sunday rolls for breakfast.

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