Friday, April 5, 2013

Who the hell are you lady...

So I figure rather then some cheesy intro and laid out expectations I would just jump right in but I suppose a short intro is in order.

I am Rena. I formerly blogged about my life as an expat in Germany at Ich liess mein Herz in Deutschland. I took a blogging break after the birth of my first and decided to wipe the slate clean and start fresh with a new blog.

This blog will be a reflection of the hodgepodge that is my brain and Chaos that is my life as an Expat in Germany with 2 small children.

I have two sons Pooh 2 years old and Que 5 months. I have been married to a German and living in Germany going on 5 years.

I enjoy long walk on the beach, good wine, haha...

Nah I am interested and strive for a more minamlistic and frugal lifestyle. I blog about expat living. Life as a hippish inclined mom. That kind of stuff.

So lets jump right in shall we ....

Welcome to 2+2 macht 4


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