Monday, June 10, 2013

Meal plan Monday

As of now I have my meals planned out through the 22nd when we get our Kindergeld, I however do not plan in left over meals so it will strech much further hopefully till the end of the month and if not I will tack on some extra meals. I right now am buying about 5 days groceries at a time to prevent waste, and I plan my meals baised on using up what I have to Limit what we Need to buy :)

mon 10 - oatmeal and apple
Tue 11- Grießbrai and apple
Wen 12- Cols cereal and apple
Thur 13- Oatmeal and apple
Fri 14- Cereal and apple
Sat 15- Pancakes
Sun 16- Warm rolls with cold cuts
Mon 17- oatmeal with fruit (If apples are left will use those otherwise fresh fruit that is on sale)
Tue 18- cereal with fruit
Wen 19- grißebrei with fruit
Thu 20- cereal with fruit
Fri 21- oatmeal with fruit

Morning Snack: Apple Sauce or yogurt

Lunches: Our hot meal
mon 10 - Left over from last nicht taco salad add a Cup Rice with canned pineapple
Tue 11- Potatoes and eggs with mustard Sauce with left over pineapple
Wen 12- Lentil soup over splatzle with mandarines
Thur 13- Milchreis with marmalade, toast and peaches
Fri 14- Chicken freid Rice with rest of the peaches
Sat 15- Grilled cheese with soup and sliced cucumbers
Sun 16- Veggie burgers, hamburgers with fried and pears
Mon 17- Macaroni and cheese with brocolli and rest of pears
Tue 18- Potatoes with krauterquark and fruit salad
Wen 19- Couscous with rest of fruit salad
Thu 20- Hamburger helper with green beans and fruit
Fri 21- Scrammbled eggs with veggie and fruit

Afternoon Snack:
raisen, nuts, Crackers and cheese

Abend Brot with pickeled salads first up Senf gurken then gurken salat and will pick up more when those run out likely some carot salad or White cabbage

Evening Snack:
Cookie and tea


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